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*[[Mr. Bamboo]]
*[[Mr. Bamboo]]
*[[Princess Fuse]]
*[[Princess Fuse]]

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Template:OkamiLocation Kusa Village (クサナギ村, Kusanagimura, "Grass Village") is a location that appears in the game Ōkami. A small village located on the peak of a mountain, it is home to a shrine dedicated to the Divine Wind called the Gale Shrine. It opens to Amaterasu after she clears the curse from Taka Pass.


Kusa Village is famous for it's Divine Wind, which is its protector. This village is also the home of the Canine Warriors that also protect the village. After True Orochi's death, Crimson Helm appeared from a pool of his blood. The monster took residence in Taka Pass, warring with the Satomi House of Kusa Village. Before the events of the game, Crimson Helm killed the head priest, when he was ill, and took control of the Gale Shrine. Upon doing so, the Divine Wind disappeared, causing the village to slowly succumb to the curse.


When Amaterasu first arrives in Kusa Village, the sky is dark and evil kanji can be seen in the air. Also, the area seems to drain away Amaterasu's power, a lot like a Cursed Zone. To free the village of evil, Amaterusu must first exorcise the demon from Princess Fuse.

The village has few buildings, but is noticeably bigger than Kamiki Village. There is an inn, two houses, Mr. Bamboo's house, and Princess Fuse's house. There is a small garden and windmill near the entrance of the village. A watch tower is near Princess Fuse's home, and can be climbed with the Vine brush technique.


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  • Kusa is a Japanese word meaning grass. The village's name in the Japanese version is Kusanagimura, meaning Grasscutter Village. The name "Kusanagi" is probably a reference to the legendary sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (草薙の剣, "grass-cutting sword") that could control the wind.
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