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Gender Male
Race Moon Tribe
Location Ryoshima Coast
Family Waka (template)
Appearances Ōkamiden
Background music Kurou's Theme
Kurow Loses Faith
"Half mysterious traveler, half totally handsome dude!"


Kurow (「クロウ」?; Kurō) is a boy who serves as one of Chibiterasu's partners. The mysterious boy is found inside a fallen star that landed on Ryoshima Coast. He can play a flute that resembles Pillow Talk to generate damaging musical notes, and most notably, create a double-bladed sword of a glowing neon green light. He wears similar clothes to Waka, and like the other person, he is a member of the Moon Tribe. He is, however, a living doll copy of Waka created by the Moon Tribe member himself to be a seal of the evil Akuro when the time came with Chibiterasu.

Kurow has the unique ability to levitate, allowing him to cross gaps. In battle he attacks by sending explosive musical notes at the enemy.

He speaks using some Western-styled anachronistic terms, specifically Californian (e.g. referring to Chibiterasu as "dude", usage of the term "hella").


Kurow is a flashy kid, and he can be a little bit full of himself, as he usually says something about him to impress people, despite people's lack of attention. He can also a very flirtatious, as when he clearly shows his interest with the Scholar lady upon the first time he sees her, and he also offered his assistant just for her sake.

Kurow can be a little bit insensitive, as when Kokari tells his name, said Kuni's name and Madame Fawn's, he loudly and impolitely questions about people's "animal names"[1][2].


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Bestiary entry


Kurow, ready to battle.

"This is Kurow in full battle mode.
His wings allow him to fly where he pleases, or so he believes.
His eyes burn with a passion and knowledge unknown to most humans."


Kurow is not very difficult. He is extremely fast and his attacks are hard to dodge. It is wise to wait for him to stop attacking and retaliating with Chibiterasu's own attacks. This is because attacking him at any other time will likely cause him to strike Chibiterasu while he is still recovering from his cooldown animations after attacking. Many of Kurow's attacks can be evaded by running out of the way or simply jumping. It is also worthy to note that Kurow is impervious to all Celestial Brush techniques, unless he is stunned, which only occurs after he completes a combo string. Cherry Bomb in particular can do a tremendous amount of damage to him.

When a third of his life bar is depleted, Kurow will glow with green light. He will then proceed to viciously assault Chibiterasu with incredibly swift attacks (his attack power also increases). Once again, it is wise for Chibiterasu to continue dodging Kurow's attacks until his aura dissipates; attempting to attack will only result in Chibiterasu's own pain. On the bright side, when Kurow calms down, he will be stunned for a good amount of time, leaving him open to powerful brush techniques.

When two-thirds of his life bar are depleted, Kurow will use his wings to levitate in the air. He will then assault Chibiterasu with a wave of daggers. Chibiterasu must Power Slash them back to Kurow, which will leave him stunned long enough for Chibiterasu to deal major damage to him. Kurow will also enter his "rage mode" more often, so Chibiterasu must be wary at all times if he wishes to emerge victorious.


  • "Wait up, dude! We're gonna get lost or something if we, like, split up."
  • "Yo, boy! Don't go and leave a bro hanging!"
  • "You are SO magically delicious, lady!"
  • "I'm your's truly!"
  • "OK... Here we go! Ta-da!"
  • "Now it's time for me to carry you around."
  • "That totally blows..."
  • "Sugawara... So he's like me..."
  • "Hang on little dude!"
  • "Help! S.O.S! Anyone! I can't swim!"



  • When Chibiterasu isn't doing anything after 10 seconds (outside of battle), Kurow lean against Chibiterasu's head while sitting. He'll play his flute seemingly in a calm and slow motion.
  • Kurow is named after Minamoto no Yoshitsune's legal alias Kurō (九郎).
    • Interestingly, his template Waka is named after Yoshitsune's childhood name Ushiwakamaru.
  • Kurow retains his temporary antagonist position like how Waka challenged Amaterasu in Ōkami, though Kurow's status was maintained for much longer than Waka's.
  • It is not known if Kurow was created before Waka departs from the moon due to the Moon Tribe cataclysm, during Waka's time on the Celestial Plain before True Orochi attacked, or after he returns to the plain following Yami's defeat.
  • His name also means crow in Japanese, which is an animal associated with tengu, which are often depicted having crow-like appearance or wearing yamabushi dress, which is also the dress that Kurow and Waka wear.


  1. "Cooney? Is that like a racoon or something?"—Kurow (Ōkamiden)
  2. "Madame Fawn? Why does everyone have animal names?"—Kurow (Ōkamiden)
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