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A descendant of Nagi and the son of Susano and Kushi, he did not exist before the events of Ōkami.


Kuni appears to be Chibiterasu's first partner. As shown in the trailers, he can help Chibiterasu fight enemies.


Kuni is a small boy who always carries his sword on his back. He wears a one piece purple outfit which has a huge tear down the middle. He has a small red round nose, and small round eyebrows. He has a bruise on one of his cheeks. His hair is tied into buns on each side of the back of his head which are styled to look like Chibiterasu's winglets (or Paint Brushes).





When Kuni's character was created Kuniomi Matsushita, the Director of Ōkamiden, based his design around the fact that he was Susano and Kushi's son and a rambunctious kid but cowardly at heart. Kuni's final design was based on these ideas. One of Kuni's early designs had very different components all based on different parts of his background and personality. The design had Kuni using a simple twig as a sword, this was inspired by Susano's wooden sword and was supposed to seem like a younger version of the sword. He also fixed his hair with Kushi's large comb. This design was well recieved by the game's makers and made it through to Model production, it was even animated. It wasn't until the creators watched Kuni riding on Chiniterasu's back on a Nintendo DS screen that they realized the design did not work. According to Matsushita the reasons the design did not work were; the number of different features on the character model caused it to appear too "mixter-maxter" from behind, people could not recognize him well because of his hairdo when the camera was about to look down on him from above. Matsushita considered altering different aspects of the game such as the camera movement, so that they could keep Kuni's old design. In the end he decided the model had to be changed and, according to Matsushita, went as far as bowing down and begging Kuni's designers to redesign him. [1]



  • Kuni appears to believe in the gods as he can see Chibiterasu's red markings from the start.
  • He inherited his father's cowardice .

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