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Konohana tree
Type Sacred tree
Notable inhabitants Sakuya
Items Treasures (Ōkami)
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

Kamiki Village

River of the Heavens (Ōkami)

The Konohana tree (「木花」?; Ko no hana; lit. "flower tree"[1][2]), is a divine tree in Kamiki Village. It houses the wood sprite Sakuya and is a guardian deity of Kamiki Village. It draws its power from Guardian Saplings and its wellbeing affects Sakuya.


Konohana is a gigantic sakura tree standing atop a hill at Kamiki Village. The tree has many branches of varying sizes, and most noticeably, the highest branch is curved, forming the tree's signature top. Konohana has a massive base, tied with a very large shimenawa, under which are many roots, the visible sections has already crawled all over the hilltop that it stands on. The roots are also very long, stretching across Nippon to form all the Guardian Saplings, which are the tree's offshoots. Beneath Konohana is an empty space containing the statues of Nagi and Shiranui, and at the far back of this space is the gateway to the River of the Heavens, but the supernatural gate is only visible to those who has a devout belief in the gods.


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