I'm traveling the land to spread the good teachings of Buddha. There seem to be so many places in need of guidance.


Komuso is a Buddhist monk who appears in Ōkami. He is involved in a small set of mini-games throughout the land of Nippon, traveling from Kamiki Village to Kusa Village, and eventually to Sei'an City.

Komuso is clothed in the typical garb of a Buddhist monk, including a brown robe, orange kesa, and a holy charm hanging from his sash. He also carries a shakuhachi flute and a straw basket on his head.


Komuso will appear in three different areas, each time challenging Amaterasu to defeat a set of enemies more and more quickly. The first time she encounters Komuso is at the fork leading to Konohana and Mr. Orange's platform. There, she will have to defeat three Green Imps in under twelve seconds to earn his praise. After rescuing Chun he can also be found in one of the guestrooms in Sasa Sanctuary.

After Amaterasu blooms the cherry trees, Komuso will move to Kusa Village, and can be found in one of the bamboo groves after Amaterasu visits Princess Fuse. He challenges her with more powerful monsters, but she has twenty-five seconds on this go around. Once successful, Komuso will move one final time, this time appearing under one of the trees in the Aristocratic Quarter of Sei'An City; this time, Amaterasu has thirty seconds to defeat the final set of foes. Each time Amaterasu succeeds, Komuso will give her more and more Praise; on completion of the final round, he will also reward her with Stray Bead #52.


  • Since Komuso is seen in Sasa Sanctuary, it is implied that he is one of a good-hearted nature, not surprising since he is a follower of Buddhism.
  • The song that Komuso plays on his flute is the first few notes of the Cursed Sei'an City theme.
  • Komusō is also the name of a mendicant monks of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism abolished in 1868. As the character, they used a shakuhachi flute and basket named tengai (天蓋) on their heads in order to concentrate and improve the Buddhist practice.
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