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Kiku Artwork
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Sei'an City (Commoner's Quarter)
Family Tsuruya (husband)
Kagu (daughter)
Appearances Ōkamiden

Kiku (「菊波」?; Kikunami) is Kagu's mother and also the wife of Tsuruya. She and her husband are the manager of the Playhouse in Sei'an City.


Kiku has a particularly flashy taste in clothing, with her being in the acting business. Her hair is short, slightly above her shoulders in length and dusty brown in color. It is stylized with her cantel swept to the back, with her bangs curved to her eyes. Her eyebrows are short and round, but fairly thick with some mascara put on. Her cheeks are cherry-pink blush. Her hair ornament, appears to be a fan-type kanzashi which are worn to the back instead. The kanzashi is in fact, ornaments which consists an orange folding-fan with pink overrides and two other crysanthemum hairpins. The folding-fan has the kanji 大入 on it which means "large attendance" or "full-house"[1].

She wears a particularly plain uchikake which is pink and yellow with diamond-shaped patterns. Her kimono has a lavender okumi, with tangerine thin edges. Her obi is yellow with green thin stripes which are very wide, with it being tied into a Washikusa musubi slightly to her left hip. The obi is tied with an lavender cloth while the Washikusa musubi knot part is partially overrided by a lavender in the middle part cross-over with some tangerine stripes. Lastly, she wears a hakama which are dark grey with pink overrides by the edge.


Kiku is a very understanding mother. Although she felt that it was a very heavy decision to have Kagu train at the training grounds and hardly see her again, she felt that she needs to use her powers and ability to help others.

She is also very caring, when she was struck by King Fury's epidemic and he captured Kagu as his captive, she never really cared about her current condition, but rather worried about Kagu being kidnaped.


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  • "A Miko's duty is to help others, but I think you know that."
  • "I want you to know that I'm very proud of you."


  • In some translation, while Kagu's name means "to sniff" or "scent"[4], Kiku's name means "to listen" or "to hear"[5].
  • Kiku's hairpin closely resembles the Chrysanthemum Hairpin obtained by Amaterasu after winning the 3rd race with Hayazo in Ōkami.
    • Also, the man who lost the Chrysanthemum Hairpin also said that he wanted to give it to a woman named "Kiku". But this may just be a coincidence, since Kiku has already had a child.
    • The Chrysanthemum Hairpin, whether of Kiku's herself or of the unknown "Kiku" woman, is a reference to their names, as "kiku" means "chrysanthemum"[6]. Also, the man may just call the woman "Kiku" as a nickname following the Chrysanthemum Hairpin, implying his intimate feelings towards her.


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