Key items (「貴重品」?; Kichō-hin) are unique objects in the game that are needed to progress the main story or certain sidequests. Each one is available only from one specific source in a particular area. When brought to or near a specific place or person, each Key Item automatically activates a certain cutscene or dialogue.

Special inventory toolsEdit

The following key items appear in the lower part of the Tools category of the fan inventory menu. Unlike ordinary tools, they cannot be used from the menu, although they can be selected to view a description and a larger image.



These key inventory items are required to complete the main plot of the game.

Name Source Description Purpose
Canine Tracker
Princess Fuse, after freeing her from possession by an Imp and speaking to her for a while. "Seal that reacts to the presence of Canine Warriors." Locating the Canine Warriors. It appears when one is nearby.
Loyalty Orb
Kamiki Village, after defeating Hayabusa. "Sacred treasure entrusted to and protected by Hayabusa." Take it back to Princess Fuse.
Justice Orb
Agata Forest, after defeating Ume. "Sacred treasure entrusted to and protected by Ume." Take it back to Princess Fuse.
Duty Orb
Sasa Sanctuary, after defeating Take. "Sacred treasure entrusted to and protected by Take." Take it back to Princess Fuse.
Thunder Brew
On the path to the calcified caverns of the Moon Cave. "Fragrant sake representing the culmination of Kushi's skill." Fighting Orochi.
Calcified Cavern, after defeating the Black Imp. "Imp's face covering. Wear it to be accepted as one of their own." Entering the rest of the Moon Cave.
Ogre Liver*
Moon Cave, after clearing a Devil gate. "Fresh liver used as an ingredient in Orochi's appetizer." Bring to the Imp Chef Ajimi.
Lips of Ice*
Moon Cave, after clearing a Devil gate. "Chewy lips used as an ingredient in Orochi's appetizer." Bring to the Imp Chef Ajimi.
Eyeball of Fire*
Moon Cave, after clearing a Devil gate. "Succulent eye used as an ingredient in Orochi's appetizer." Bring to the Imp Chef Ajimi.
Black Demon Horn*
Moon Cave, after clearing a Devil gate. "Horn to be ground into spice for Orochi's appetizer." Bring to the Imp Chef Ajimi.
Blinding Snow
(「名竿 雪宗」?)
Buy it from the Sei'an City Tool Dealer for ¥5000. "Fishing rod combining the purity of snow and the spirit of work." Give it to Benkei in Sei'an City and help him capture the "Living Sword". He will reconnect the bridge and allow Amaterasu to access the Aristocratic Quarter.
Lucky Mallet
Treasure room of the Sunken Ship. (Found in a clam outside of the Sage Shrine in Ōkamiden) "Magical hammer capable of miniaturizing objects." Shrinking Amaterasu to reach the Emperor in Sei'an City. Also used to visit Ponc'tan.
Border Key
Queen Himiko, after Amaterasu listens to her and agree to help her. "Key marked with Himiko's seal. Allows passage over the border." Passing through the gate to North Ryoshima Coast.
Shell Amulet
Otohime, after Amaterasu listens to her and agree to help her. "Used as a gate pass, this shell is only granted to the chosen." Access to the whole Dragon Palace.
Dragon Orb
Water Dragon, after dissolving the tissues that hold it in place. "A dragon's spirit made solid. Used to control the Water Dragon." Return it to Otohime.
Fox Rods
Water Dragon, after defeating the Tube Foxes. "Rods containing the souls of 9 foxes. Bestows incredible power." Rao will show up and claim them from Amaterasu.
Tuskle, near the entrance to Wawku Shrine. "Charm displaying the Oina Crest. Allows passage into the forest." Entering Yoshpet.
8 Purification Sake
Deep inside the Spirit Gate, on the stairway just inside the entrance to the original Moon Cave. "Legendary sake brewed by Nami. Capable of intoxicating monsters." Meet True Orochi and Issun will use it.


These key inventory items are optional, but can be used to advance or complete certain sidequests.

Name Source Description Purpose
Golden Mushroom
Teahouse Owner in Taka Pass, after his Golden Teacup is retrieved from the moles. "Mysterious Matsutake mushroom that can enhance any dish." Give it to Chef Yama in Sei'an City to gain the Fireburst secret Celestial Brush technique.
Buy it from the Kusa Village Merchant for ¥5000. "Souvenir from the famous windmill in Kusa Village." Praise sidequest. Give it to the Tea Customer in Taka Pass.
Marlin Rod
(「快竿 鮪丸」?)
Buy it from the Sei'an City Tool Dealer or North Ryoshima Coast Merchant for ¥10000. "Fishing rod specially augmented for marlin fishing." Give it to the fisherman on the western island in North Ryoshima Coast. Help him catch the Marlin for Chef Umi, who will help Amaterasu gain the Whirlwind secret Celestial Brush technique.
Herbal Medicine
(「香草調合薬 神粉」?)
Buy it from the Sei'an City Tool Dealer for ¥2000. "A mixture of many medicines. Capable of curing any ailment." Praise sidequest. Give it to Blossom inside the house near the kimono shop in Sei'an City Commoners' Quarter.
Buy it from the Sei'an City Tool Dealer for ¥500. "Made by burning wood at a high temperature. Perfect for drawing." Sidequest for Stray Bead #48. Give it to the fashion girl who is drawing on the ground on the east side of the Sei'an Commoner's Quarter. She will help Amaterasu find the design for the kimono seller.
Treasure Box
Dragon Palace. After returning from Oni Island, Bloom the remains in middle of the Water Dragon's Garden. "Secret treasure of the Dragon Palace. Opening it invites disaster." Praise & Stray Bead sidequests. Give it to Urashima in N. Ryoshima Coast.
Gimmick Gear
Ida, after beating him in a third race. "Gear said to have fallen to earth aboard a shooting star." Give it to Gen to gain the Thunderbolt secret Celestial Brush technique.


Name Source Description Purpose
Yakushi Village Map An old man at the exit of Yakushi Village upon first leaving the town. "Directions to Yakushi Village." Shown to people and animal who want to move to a new residence.
Herbs Dr. Redbeard demands it to be used for Tama and his fireworks. "Dr. Redbeard's special herbs." Used for healing Tama's illness and for combining it with his fireworks.
White Cloth Madame Fawn's first prediction along with it. "A white cloth from Madame Fawn." Used to disguise Chibiterasu and his partners' face.
Miko Dress Miko Cho, upon first meeting her. She personally give it for Kagu's use. "A gift that assists spiritual gifts." Used by Kagu to fully exploit her potential as a Miko. Allows her to fly.
Fire Eyes A demon merchant in the Demon market. Give it to the Fairy Guard to pass through.
Bead Key Various areas around a specific pair of keys' door. "A key for opening doors." One of the various pair of keys to be inserted into bead-shaped keyholes on large doors (two on each door) for it to be opened.
Wings Underground Ruins, on top of a pedestal guarded by a Gashadokuro. "Feathers that can make the wearer fly." Used by Kurow to fly faster and higher. Necessary to reach the Thundercloud.
Broken Wings Defeat Green Imp?. "Wings that need to be repaired for flight." Wings that is originally usable but lost a whole piece of a feather. Repairing it will restore it into 'Wings'.
Drum In a treasure chest opened by Thunderstorm after completing the Thunder Band's challenge. "Makes the player immune to lightning." Necessary to pass through the electrocuting electricity inside the Underground Ruins. Also negates the effect of paralysis.
Kagu's Charm Given by Kagu near the Ultimate Origin Mirror of North Ryoshima Coast after the defeat of King Fury. "A charm that allows you to teleport." Allows teleportation between Ultimate Origin Mirrors. Can also warp through time.
Herbs Given by Dr. Bluebeard right after the defeat of King Fury. Meet him in his house. "Dr. Bluebeard's special herbs." To be mixed together with Dr. Redbeard's medicinal herbs. It serves as the catalyst of their cure-all.

Biteable objectsEdit

In addition to the Tools listed above, there are also various other key plot items that still work in a similar way in having a specific source and a specific result (although some of these occur in multiple places in the game), but are not added to the inventory menu. Instead, they are only displayed on screen, although like many of the Inventory key items, many of them are labelled with specific names when they first appear. Amaterasu must pick up each one by biting it and then physically carry it to its destination. Again, some of these objects are required to advance the main plot, especially the door keys, while others are only needed for optional sidequests.

She can only carry one of these biteable objects at a time; if she fails to pick it up in a timely manner or drops it too early, the object may disappear and require her to find it again. Because of game-controller conflicts, she cannot dig or bark while carrying one of them; attempts to do so will make her drop the object. Also, some of the objects are limited to certain locations and cannot be carried outside them; if Amaterasu leaves that area, the object may disappear from her mouth and reappear in its original location.

Door keysEdit

The most common biteable objects are various types of door keys. Exorcism Arrows occur in many places in the game and will nullify the otherwise-invulnerable Lockjaws. Electric keys are specific to Oni Island; in addition to opening special doors and treasure chests, they can also activate walkways and provide a lightning source for the Thunderstorm Celestial Brush technique.

There are several unique location keys, such as the key to Tsuta Ruins (found by fishing in Agata Forest) and the cogwheel that allows access to the final areas of Wawku Shrine (it falls off Lechku & Nechku after Amaterasu and Shiranui first fight them). Rao's missing Prayer Slips (outside the Emperor's palace) are effectively a required key to the Sunken Ship, as it is impossible to break the entrance seal without them. Inside the ship, Rao can also use them as a weapon against any phantoms that appear.

Missing/stolen objectsEdit

Another category consists of lost or stolen objects, and includes two "keys" from the previous group.

Amaterasu needs to find and carry these objects back to their rightful owners, sometimes after grappling with the thieves who took the objects in the first place. These include various valuables (such as the Golden Teacup taken by the Moles in Taka Pass and four different items taken by Hayazo in Sei'an City) and a lost pet (the Animal Lover's pet rabbit Inaba on the Ryoshima Coast). Most of these are for optional sidequests, but Rao's Prayer Slips are required by the main plot.

In others, Amaterasu is the thief herself and needs to take them from their original owners without getting caught. There are only three of these, but all of them are necessary for the main plot: the Oddly-Shaped Turnip in Kamiki Village, the Tsuta Ruins Key in Agata Forest, and Nami's sacrificial robes and sake on the other side of the Spirit Gate.


The remaining biteable objects fall into three general types: gifts (sake from Kushi for Susano, vases from the Nameless Man for the Guardian Statues in Shinshu Field), puzzles (the little snow trees in Wawku Shrine), and people (dragging Mrs. Cutter into the shaft of moonlight in Taka Pass, and firing Oki's bow during the second fight against Lechku & Nechku).

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