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Ah... Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all... For too long, I, Kazegami, god of wind, have walked a shadowed path. At last, light shines upon me. Use my power to manipulate the wind! Banish those who would seek to shroud this world in darkness!


Kazegami (「」?) is the Celestial Brush god of the Celestial Brush technique Galestorm. He is a horse with a battle fan on his back, and his constellation is found at the top floor of the Gale Shrine. He represents the horse in the East Asia zodiac.

Galestorm[edit | edit source]

Galestorm (「疾風」?; Shippū) is one of the most versatile brushstrokes, used mainly for spinning or blowing things. It can be drawn with either a helical loop (sending the wind sideways in the same direction as the brush motion) or a spiral (sending the wind straight ahead). It can temporarily extinguish flames, crash airborne enemies to the ground, and "sail" Water Lily pads across the water. In digging minigames, it can harmlessly transport Amaterasu's digging partner across a spiked block or a gap. The Whirlwind upgrade becomes available once Amaterasu reaches North Ryoshima Coast.

Children[edit | edit source]

Ko-Kazegami is encountered coincidentally after Chibiterasu and Kurow had found one Kurow's wing's feather at the Demon Market. Ko-Kazegami appeared when Kurow wanted to use the wing to fly, but was not able to do so because of the stagnant air of the area. The pinwheel on Ko-Kazegami's back is a popular toy for children. He also wear a bib with the mark of Galestorm on it, tied to his neck by what seems like a shimenawa.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Kaze" (「風」?; かぜ) means "wind".[1]
  • Either translating Kazegami's name in the same manner or as in "Kamikaze" (「神風」?; かみかぜ), the same meaning "God Wind" will be obtained. But it is commonly translated as "Divine Wind" instead.
    • In history, Kamikaze was a phenomenon seen by the peoples of Japan as divine winds sent to protect the providence of the nation from foreign invaders; its namesake was cemented after the typhoons that struck down Mongol invaders in 1274 and 1281.[2]
    • The term also refers to World War II suicide pilots of the Empire of Japan army who carried explosives with them on the aircraft. They would resort to blow them up with the explosives by intentionally crashing down to Allied navy vessels.[2]
  • The fan on Kazegami's back is a uchiwa (「団扇」?). Specifically, it is called the gunbai-uchiwa (「軍配団扇」?), a type of fan for military leaders (in old Japan); umpire's fan (in sumo wrestling) is a type of Japanese war fan.
    • The Gunbai-uchiwa is also a type of weapon under the Tessenjutsu category, because of the gunbai's shape and adaptability of being crafted in sturdier materials such as alloys and even clay, unlike the typical folding fans.
  • When Kazegami is awakened, he is overtaken by Amaterasu in an impromptu race by a massive margin, much to his dismay. This is a reference to the Speed of Light exceeding that of any wind.

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