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Kasugami is the Celestial Brush god of Veil of Mist. Her appearance is that of a sheep with a large gourd on her back from which she often drinks. The contents of the gourd appears to be alcoholic, as she wavers a lot and belches purple mist. Her constellation is located in the gourd which the Emperor had hidden in the corner of his garden at the Imperial Palace.

Veil of MistEdit

After drawing two horizontal lines, time will slow down for approximately four seconds, during which Amaterasu can move at normal speeds. Note that this has no effect during some mini games (e.i. Tobi races, Hayazo sidequest, etc), and that some enemies require Veil of Mist to be used in order to reveal their weak spots.

If Amaterasu uses Veil of Mist during her fight with Yami, Queen Himiko will appear and grant Amaterasu several Solar Orbs.

Mist WarpEdit

Mist Warp is earned upon the purchase of the Fog Pot from the Emperor and allows Amaterasu to travel between Ultimate Origin Mirrors.


The kanji '幽' (meaning; silence, tranquility) has one uncommon usage in the word '幽か' (meaning; faint, dim, hazy) (this is an alternate writing of the word, which normally is transcripted as 微か). It can be seen that this word became the origin of Kasugami's name.

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