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Nature may be beautiful, but it also has a dangerous darker side. People can even lose their lives to it if they don't respect it. I hope my son hasn't got himself into any kind of trouble.


Karude (「」?) is Kokari's father who has expressed concern in his son's maturation, but he is relieved after Kokari fixes the bridge. He has a house on a large island near the middle of the Agata Forest, and like Kokari he has an animalskin coat (in this case, a bear's). He briefly travels to Kamiki Village for the annual festival.



Karude is Kokari's father and lives in Agata Forest with his son. When Amaterasu first arrives in the forest, he is frozen in the grip of the cursed forest. Once Amaterasu blooms the Guardian Sapling in the forest, however, he is set free. He tells Amaterasu, if spoken to, that he tasked his son with fixing a bridge in the forest, and that he hadn't seen his son in some time.


Karude can be found in Agata Forest and is seen staring out over the floods. He is part of a side quest that has Chibiterasu find pieces to be used to make a fishing pole that Karude wishes to build for Kokari.

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