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Kamiki Village (100 years ago) is a village appearing in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. It is Kamiki Village at the time of Orochi's first rise to power, as heard in the story of Orochi.


Kamiki Village draws eeriely parallels to its past self. Everybody has an identical counterpart, such as Susano to Nagi. Sakuya's tree is still a sapling, and Sakuya herself is a young child. It is perpetually dark at first, due to Orochi's power.


Obtained itemsEdit

Divine InstrumentsEdit

(If not purchased already)


  • The 100 years ago locations are the only ones in the game to contain anything which can be permanently missed: in Kamiki, if the dog next to the turnip field is not fed before entering the Moon Cave, it will not be possible to complete the Animal Tome without starting a New Game+ since the Spirit Gate cannot be re-entered.
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