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Kamiki Village
Kamiki Village
Type Settlement
Notable inhabitants Susano
Mr. and Mrs. Orange
Mushi and mother
Enemies Green Imps
Red Imps
Items Stray bead ×3
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

Shinshu Field
River of the Heavens

Kamiki Village (「神木村」?; Kamiki-mura; Divine tree village) is a village in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. One of the most important places in the games, as well as the first location Amaterasu visits, it plays a major role in the story of Orochi.


Most of Kamiki Village sits at the base of a hill. It is surrounded by water, part of which forms a small stream flowing through the center of the village; this stream powers Kushi's rice mill used for making sake. In this area are the homes of village elder Mr. Orange and his wife Mrs. Orange, Mushi and his mama, Kushi, Susano and Kuni. Mushi's mama also has a patch of turnips near the village houses; in addition is Kushi's rice paddy and mill, and Susano's training grounds. A merchant shop sits at the exit to Shinshu Field.

Going up the hill, the path splits. Taking the left fork will go to the sacred tree of Konohana and shrine, which serves as the entrance to the River of the Heavens and the Cave of Nagi. Taking the right fork leads to a small pond and a viewing platform where Mr. Orange can perform his sacred dances.


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  • Turnip Digging
  • Komuso's Challenge
  • Camille & Camellia

Obtained items

Celestial Brush techniques

Divine Instruments

Stray Beads

  • #2: Underneath the sacred deck, on the rafters.
  • #3: On an island behind Susano's training grounds, buried inside a treasure chest.
  • #4: Atop the cliffs behind the waterfall; use Vine to reach it.