Ever since the first time I met you, the only thing on my mind has been which one of us can run faster. I was losing sleep wondering about that!

Kai is an Oina who resides in Wep'keer. She is the older sister of Lika and a friend of Issun.



An unspecified time before the events of Ōkami, Kai was found half-dead in Yoshpet. Issun found her and led her back to the edge of the forest and they remained friends. His frequent trips to Wep'keer contributed to him to neglect his painting, incurring his grandfather's wrath about a year before Ōkami.


Kai guides Amaterasu and Issun through Yoshpet, and also offers to race against Amaterasu through the same location later.



She is also a kind person, as she offers Amaterasu and Issun shelter from the blizzard, after they've failed to talk to chief Kemu. Kai is also a smart Oina as she is the one to lead them through the Forest of Yoshpet, being the only Oina who can find her way through the dangerous forest without getting lost. She's also the fastest Oina in Wep'keer; being nearly as swift as Amaterasu.


Kai wolf

Kai in her wolf form.

Kai is a fairly tall girl, wearing a brown coat, a brown mask of a deer, and two long ponytails of brown hair along the side of her head, with another shorter one on the top of her hair. She also has brown shoes and a green kimono underneath her robes. As a wolf, she has brown fur with long tufts of fur under her ears, and a short, dark-brown-tipped tail.

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