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Kaguya's rocket and the royal crest it bears.

Kaguya's rocket is the rocket that brought Kaguya to Earth, hidden under the bamboo grove in Sasa Sanctuary and created the crest in the bamboo grove. The rocket was constructed by the Moon Tribe and is far more advanced than most technology in Ōkami. Like the Ark of Yamato, it can travel between the mortal realm, the Moon and possibly the Celestial Plain.

The rocket is one of the items which is found through a digging minigame. It's also one of the ones that is mandatory.


The rocket is composed of an unidentified brownish-black metal. At the top is a cockpit with a glass windshield, with a moon crest on it. The rocket resembles both a typical rocket and a bamboo shoot (indeed, Mr. Bamboo calls it a giant metal bamboo shoot) The rocket's pilot stands vertically in the cockpit and pilots it somehow, although oddly the cockpit lacks any equipment or machinery. It's possible that there is some unseen technology in the cockpit or the pilot moves the craft telepathically, similiar to how Kaguya managed to get the craft to emerge in the first place.



Kaguya was originally placed in the rocket as an infant and used it to escape from the Moon Tribe cataclysm. She landed in Sasa Sanctuary, where she was found half-dead by Mr. Bamboo and his wife. The rocket then sank into the ground and remained safe there for many years.

Later, when Kaguya started to remember her past, she went to Sasa Sanctuary and, with Amaterasu's help, unearths the rocket. After saying goodbye to Mr. Bamboo, she flies off in the rocket, promising to return one day after using the rocket to find her original home.


  • Since the Ark of Yamato left to the Celestial Plain, the rocket may be the last way for humans to reach the Plain.
  • Kurow possessed a rocket just like this one, albeit slightly smaller. He crashed it in the Underground Ruins and it's unknown if it is still functional. However, Kurow never says that it's broken, he just says he doesn't need it anymore[citation needed].
  • Strangely, when the Moon Tribe cataclysm occurred, Kaguya was, of course, just a baby. However, both Ishaku and Mr. Bamboo witnessed the touchdown of Kaguya's rocket in Sasa Sanctuary, which was obviously a long time after the occurrence of the cataclysm, as Mr. Bamboo wouldn't be able to live until the event of Ōkami if he was already an old man during the occurrence of the cataclysm.
    • However, there is a theory that serves as an explanation for this. It could have been that Kaguya's rocket was actually drifting in space for a long time before coming into touchdown in Sasa Sanctuary and being found by Mr.Bamboo. Also, in this theory, Kaguya was put in a somewhat hibernation-esque status so that she was exactly like what she was when she left the Moon.
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