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Moonlight Beauty Kaguya
Gender Female
Race Moon Tribe
Location Imperial Palace (imprisoned)
Sasa Sanctuary (prior to departure)
The Moon
Family Mr. Bamboo (adoptive grandfather)
Appearances Ōkami
I don't know why I've been imprisoned here. I don't even know who I really am or where I originally came from.


Kaguya (「かぐや姫」?; Kaguya-hime; Radiant Night Princess) is a young girl that Amaterasu first meets in Sei'an City while infiltrating the Emperor's palace.


Kaguya's appearance is either naturally or was dressed by Mrs. and Mr. Bamboo in a bamboo-like get-up when they found her in her rocket. She also has rabbit ears-like bamboo leaves on her head, which bear certain resemblance to Yumigami, as she is the Celestial Brush god of the Moon. Like Waka, Kaguya is also dressed quite flashy. With her big bamboo-like obi that reaches pass her collar and a helmet-like coverage on top of it and her long, pink ceremonial-like kimono with white-plumed long lace from her hips to the end of her dress. Like other Moon Tribe members, she has two dots like Waka on her forehead and she has the same blonde hair like him.

Kaguya, although that she has forgotten her past memories as a Moon Tribe, she has only recalled that she was inside a small dark room when she was imprisoned by the Emperor. Kaguya insisted on unraveling the mysteries of herself and being persistent to go back to her origin for it. As she would greatly miss both her grandparents, she hugs Mr. Bamboo several times before she departs.

Despite Kaguya being a member of the Moon Tribe, she has never shown her ability to fly or levitate above the ground, unlike Waka, Kurow and Sugawara who wear very tall geta and only float when moving, it was supposed to be a natural ability for them. Yet, Kaguya may be floating, but it is covered by her long dress. Unlike Waka, Kurow and Sugawara, she walks and runs like other humans and is always possible to tackle, make her pet Amaterasu or blow her away with a Cherry Bomb.


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  • "I know nothing of my past. I don't even know who I am or where I came from. My first memory is of waking up in a bamboo grove. The bamboo cutter took me home, where I was lovingly cared for. To repay his kindness, I helped him with his bamboo ware."
  • "I know nothing of my past... But I do recall one faint memory..."
  • "I don't know to where I must return. But I have this intense feeling in my heart... It drives me forward to my ultimate destination. It drives me to seek the Royal Crest. I must leave for Sasa Sanctuary at once!"
  • "Good bye, grandfather dear. I will always remember you and my dearly departed grandmother as my real family."
  • "The one thing I remember is a large black room."



  • Kaguya is based on Kaguya-hime from the Japanese folktale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.
  • Kaguya, Sugawara and Waka are the only surviving members of the Moon Tribe, although Sugawara is dead by the events of Ōkamiden.
    • So far, Kaguya is the only Moon Tribe which doesn't have the ability to levitate. Either the fact that the females are not gifted or Kaguya was living too much like an ordinary human, and never discover her ability to do so.
  • Although Kaguya doesn't appear in Ōkamiden, a message transmitted to the Underground Ruins which Kurow and Chibiterasu find says "We now know by using the power of the Moon Princess ***** was a success" in one part. It's possible that this may refer to Kaguya, who is the Moon Princess on the legends on which her character is based.
    • Also, either that Kaguya's original name is unclear in the screen or she was never truly named until Mr. and Ms. Bamboo adopted her
  • Strangely, when the Moon Tribe cataclysm occurred, Kaguya was, of course, just an infant. However, both Ishaku and Mr. Bamboo witnessed the touchdown of Kaguya's rocket in Sasa Sanctuary, which was obviously a long time after the occurrence of the cataclysm, as Mr. Bamboo wouldn't be able to live until the event of Ōkami if he was already an old man during the occurrence of the cataclysm.
    • However, there is a theory that serves as an explanation for this. It could have been that Kaguya's rocket was actually drifting in space for a long time before coming into touchdown in Sasa Sanctuary and being found by Mr. Bamboo. Also, in this theory, Kaguya was put in a somewhat hibernation-esque status so that she was exactly like what she was when she left the Moon.