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Ah...Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all. The swirling whirlpool of evil below has driven me to this height. From this perch, I observe the world below and its descent. If my power is needed once again, I, Kabegami, god of walls, shall gladly offer a bridge of hope to the realm below!


Kabegami is the Celestial Brush god of Catwalk, represented as the lost zodiac sign, the cat. She is found atop Catcall Tower after reaching the very top floor and feeding the cat on that level.

Kabegami is a white cat with the red markings similar to the other gods in Ōkami, sitting vertically on a painting with a giant koi on the top of the frame.

Catwalk[edit | edit source]

Catwalk is the Celestial Brush technique Kabegami granted to Amaterasu. It allows her to climb walls where statues of Kabegami are found, by painting a line from the statue to her destination. It results in orange, glowing footprints that allow Amaterasu to scale the wall along that path. The effect fades after a certain amount of time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Kabe" (壁) means wall.
  • The cat does not exist in the Chinese Zodiac, because, as legend goes, the rat tricked cat by telling her she would wake her up from her nap in time to be accepted. However, when the cat fell asleep, the rat took her place instead. This is why cats and rats are mortal enemies. Alternately, other interpretations, such as the Vietnamese zodiac substitutes the cat for the rabbit in the regular twelve-animal cycle, and another Chinese legend states that cats were originally the keepers of time and watchers of creation, before nominating mankind for its position out of the luxury of leisure and play.
  • Amaterasu and Kabegami appear to have a friendly relationship, as they quite happily play together using Issun as a toy after Kabegami is reawakened, much to Issun's annoyance.
  • Alongside Moegami, Kabegami is the only Celestial Brush god to have one or more statues around Nippon in Ōkami. She also has the most statues around the land, but these statues do not exist during Ōkamiden's events, because of unknown causes.
  • The object which Kabegami clutches onto is a byōbu, a type of Japanese folding screen. It is just a panel, rather than a literal folding screen.
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