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Hey, scruffy! D'you even know who this is? This is the mighty leader of the Sparrow Clan. That's right, the Great Jamba!


Jamba is chief of the Sparrow Clan living at Sasa Sanctuary and father to his beloved daughter and spoiled son, Chun and Tai[1] respectively. The sole word he says is "chirp." His underlings translate roughly for him, saying if he is happy, mad, sad, and so on.

Distraught about the disappearance of his daughter Chun, he closed the Sasa Sanctuary's inn and would not let anybody else in until Chun was found. Amaterasu found Chun in the house of the Mr. and Mrs. Cutter, where they planned to eat the young sparrow. Amaterasu battled the evil couple in their true demonic forms and saved Chun. With the safe return of Chun, the Sasa Sanctuary was open to visitors once again.


  • Jamba and the rest of the Sparrow Clan are based off the Japanese tale, Shita-kiri Suzume.
  • He may be a representation of Nobunaga Oda, considering the mustache and chin beard, and that Nobunaga is represented as a sparrow in a Japanese folk story called Sengoku Choujuu Giga.


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