Ah... Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all... In your absence, I took shelter here, only to become trapped. Beings of evil defile the world with impurity and darkness. Like a mighty snow flurry, I, Itegami, god of ice, have returned! I grant you the ability to freeze your foes to absolute zero. I am the last of the 13 gods you sought. You now possess the power to put an end to the evil forever!

Itegami (「凍神」?) is the Celestial Brush god of Blizzard and the Ox of the East Asia zodiac. He is found at Wawku Shrine trapped within the Blizzard machine, forced to blow snow and ice over Kamui. Once freed, he returns the Blizzard Celestial Brush technique to Amaterasu, and summons the other Celestial Brush gods to give her Solar Flare.


Blizzard can be used to freeze objects solid. Blizzard requires an ice source for its power, something which is not hard to come by in Kamui. She can also immediately use Icestorm to freeze objects, and later the Tundra Beads as an ice source. Once frozen, objects can be used as an ice source with which to freeze other objects, or even refreeze themselves. After a while, most objects will unfreeze and continue their normal activity. When placed over an ice source, the ink on the brush emits dark blue Holy smoke.

If Blizzard is used on Yami's core during the final battle, Oki's wolf form will appear and attack the core, dealing more damage than Amaterasu could.


  • Itegami's powers over the cold are related to the Ox's reigning month of December in the East Asia zodiac. It is also believed as a sign of great luck that those born under the Ox in winter are given a life of ease.
  • Itegami carries a conch horn, which was used by the ascetic mountain dwelling monks of Shugenja and Yamabushi in their long treks and pilgrimages of solitude and enlightenment. While in times of spring, fall, and summer, they would embark on these quests, winter would see them meditate and train in mountain caves out of freezing weather.
  • "Ite" is derived from "iteru", meaning "to freeze".
  • Itegami is one of the Celestial Brush gods to attempt to attack Amaterasu, the others being Yumigami and Gekigami.
  • Itegami is the only Celestial Brush god to have both his Celestial Brush tecnique and secret Celestial Brush technique granted to Amaterasu at the same time.