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Wandering Artist Issun
Gender Male
Race Poncle
Location Traveling across Nippon
Family Ishaku (grandfather)
Appearances Ōkami
Background music Ōkami:
Oira's Theme
Issun's Theme
Bug? I told you a thousand times not to call me that! I'm a wandering artist. The name's Issun!


Issun (「一寸」?; "one sun"), is the traveling companion of Amaterasu and Chibiterasu. He is a traveling artist who originates from Ponc'tan.


Issun is very talkative, as he comments on almost anything Amaterasu encounters. As Amaterasu is mute for the duration of the game, he will often speak for her, which often gets them both into trouble. He is reliable, intelligent and adventurous, except for when he is following a "cute babe". He is also very blunt and rude in his speech, often cutting straight to the point or openly insulting other people. Issun was very immature and irresponsible at the start of the adventure, but towards the end he matures and becomes more serious as he realizes his true destiny.

Issun is somewhat flirtatious and falls in love with practically every single major female character he and Amaterasu encounter (ie: Sakuya, Rao etc.). Upon meeting Queen Himiko, he literally falls off Amaterasu's head with shock. However, he is usually ignored. He also shows strong feelings of anger and vengeance when he finds that Rao was murdered and Ninetails took her place.

Issun's behavior towards Amaterasu later in the game (when he becomes conflicted about parting ways with her) only shows he posseses a strong sense of friendship with the god. He was at first only tagging along so he may learn the 13 brushes but has developed a deep friendship with Amaterasu.



Issun's appearance up-close.

Issun is a Poncle, a race of tiny humanoids, meaning that he is the size of an insect. He has the proportions of a small boy, and is dressed in purple, with a green cape and large green helmet with what appear to be antennae on the top, like those worn by all Poncle boys. He stands about as tall as an insect and glows a bioluminescent green. He also has a sword, Denkomaru, which appears to double as a brush. Due to his diminutive stature, however, most people see Issun as a small glowing insect-like creature, with only his hat showing any detail and because he travels with Amaterasu (who is a wolf), he is commonly mistaken for a flea or other sort of bug. Even Yatsu's inner eye only perceives him as a "paranormal booger".


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  • "Leap before you think!"
  • "There's no stoppin' me once I've made a decision!"
  • "There's nothing I hate more than a crybaby!"
  • "Don't be shy! There's nothing like getting a present from a hot babe!"
  • "Fishings all about attitude. Attitude! Fish, Babes, whatever. It can all be yours!"
  • "Hey, Ammy, doesn't it feel that we've been meeting lotsa babes lately? When was the last time we ran into a guy? I only half hope that they don't take advantage of me!"
  • "Ah, the wonders of nature! A deep valley between two lofty peaks!"
  • "Respect yor elders!"
  • "And by the way, it only looks like I'm staring at your melons!"
  • "I'm too young and handsome to die!"


  • Issun's reactions at the Sasa Sanctuary bath house suggest that he strongly dislikes bathing (this is confirmed if the player examines some seats not too far from the hot spring, where he says, "Baths...I hate baths...").
  • As Issun always talks for Amaterasu, many humans often mistake the duo for a warrior riding and commanding his "steed", which is the opposite of their relationship (Amaterasu does and controls everything, Issun only speaks for and comments on their actions). Sometimes, people think it is Amaterasu who is speaking, as they cannot see the tiny Issun. This is especially evident in the speech of the Spider Queen and the villagers in Kamiki Village from 100 years ago. Many other characters do not mention Issun's presence and instead talk directly to Amaterasu, which implies they also think Amaterasu is doing the talking. However, all the major plot characters seem aware of Issun's presence (Sakuya, Susano, Kushi, Princess Fuse, Oki, etc.)
  • It is unknown what happened to Issun's parents; although he mentions his mother if Amaterasu stays during the Kamiki Festival long enough, they are never seen or mentioned again, even when Amaterasu enters Ponc'tan. It is also said Issun was raised by his grandfather. It is possible they perished in some way while Issun was young.
  • He has been in Amaterasu's mouth four times in Ōkami, the first time was when they first met and she tried to eat him, only to spit him out as if he tasted bad, the second time was to save him from an attack from the Spider Queen, the third time was punishment for not giving her credit for her part in saving Kushi from the monsters at Hitoshio Spring, and the fourth time when she saved him from being crushed by boulders in the Moon Cave 100 years ago.
  • Issun can communicate with animals, which allows him to interact with the Eight Canine Warriors when Amaterasu is searching for them.
  • When Kaguya and Mr. Bamboo are saying their good-byes, Issun begins to cry. This is the only time in the entire series that Issun is seen crying.
  • Issun is capable of throwing a jug of sake into Orochi's mouth, which is many times his size and weight, hinting that Poncles have great strength in proportion to their size, which also extends to their leg muscles as he can jump high enough to get the attention of larger beings.
    • In certain scientific research, smaller being have a lesser body density (mass is similar to several other creatures, but body volume is far smaller), take an ant for an example. They can lift things 10 times their weight, and falling from a tall place doesn't even kill them. Since Poncles are diminutive and humanoid, their capability are much more greater compared than other diminutive beings.
  • So far he has demonstrated Rejuvenation and toward the end of Ōkami, he had learned to use Bloom, whether or not he had learned to use the other techniques by the time he met Chibiterasu in Ōkamiden is unknown.
    • Despite him having mastered Rejuvenation before the events of Ōkami, he couldn't use it to revive Sakuya's tree in the beginning of Ōkamiden (which required Chibiterasu to learn it himself in order to do so, which would seem to imply that his use of it is not as strong as Chibiterasu). The same would appear to apply with Bloom, as he couldn't use that to fully restore Sakuya.
    • However, in Masterpiece Set #3 in Ōkamiden, it is shown that Issun is capable of using Inferno, thus having mastered it.
  • Issun appears as Amaterasu's partner in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds as well as the remake edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. As Amaterasu cannot speak, Issun does all her dialogue.
  • Issun is seen alongside Amaterasu in the 2nd Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman crossover, Worlds Unite, alongside other famous Capcom and SEGA icons.
  • Issun is inspired by the folk tale of Issun-bōshi.


  1. "Amaterasu, was it? That's kinda long. Mind if I call ya "Ammy"?"—Issun (Ōkami)