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Legendary Swordsman Ishaku
Gender Male
Race Poncle
Location Ponc'tan
Family Issun (grandson)
Appearances Ōkami
Background music Old Man Orange's Appearance (Ōkami)
Isshaku's Theme (Ōkamiden)
I'm no longer the young boy you remember me as, Ammy. I've grown to become the leader of Ponc'tan. Yes, I am the legendary swordsman, Ishaku!


Ishaku (「イッシャク (一尺)」?; Isshaku; one shaku)[1] is a Poncle who traveled Nippon with Shiranui as the 6th Celestial Envoy. Issun is his grandson. He and Issun once argued, which was the reason why Issun left Ponc'tan to become a travelling artist.


From Issun's description, Ishaku sounds like a very strict person, but actually the two are very alike. However, unlike Issun, he takes his duties as a Celestial Envoy seriously. Ishaku's appearance and speech in the past (when he is briefly seen) seems very similar to Issun, including his brash and boastful nature. He also uses the same nickname for Amaterasu as Issun ("Ammy").


Ishaku game

Ishaku as he appears in Ōkami.

Being a Poncle, Ishaku is the size of an insect. He is clad in what appears to be brown samurai armor, with two large scrolls on his back and large brown helmet (seemingly made from the shell of a kabutomushi beetle), like those worn by all male Poncle. He stands about as tall as an insect and glows a bioluminescent yellow. He also has a sword called Denjinmaru, which appears to double as a brush. Ishaku's shoulder length hair and large, drooping eyebrows show his age since its colour has long since faded. He has a single wrinkle either side of his mouth that goes up to his tiny, red nose.


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  • It is heavily implied that the Travel Guides were written by Ishaku, through the text contained in said guides and his signature on some of the images. Additionally, the image of his younger form (the same depiction shown after the Lechku & Nechku battle) appears in the background of the Travel Guide menu.
  • Oddly, in the Wawku Shrine right before the Lechku & Nechku battle, Oki claims that he left the wounded Shiranui in the younger Ishaku's care. However, if Ammy goes back to where Shiranui is right before the battle, Oki is gone but Ishaku is nowhere to be seen and only appears later. It is unknown why this is, but it could be that the developers overlooked this detail, since it is unlikely that players will want to return to Shiranui's area right before the boss fight.
  • Ishaku's luminescence is a yellowish-brown colour.
  • Ishaku's name is rendered as Isshaku in Ōkamiden.
  • Despite being one of the two currently living Celestial Envoy, Ishaku had never seen to use a Celestial Brush technique.
  • Ishaku's name, meaning one shaku (a traditional Japanese unit equal to about 30 cm or 1 foot), is a play on Issun's name which means one sun (a unit equal to one tenth of a shaku).


  1. Although written in katakana in conversations, the kanji for this name, 一尺, can be seen on the outside of his house in Ponc'tan and his signature on the images in Travel Guides.
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