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Iron and diamond rocks are scattered throughout Nippon in Ōkami. Despite looking similar in shape to their gray counterparts, these rocks cannot be Power Slashed until the technique is upgraded. Iron rocks are an orange-black color, resembling rusted iron, and Power Slash 2 is required to break them. Diamond rocks are purple-colored and have diamond crystals on them; only Power Slash 3 can break them. They may also be breakable by tackling them after acquiring the Hardhead Dojo Technique and the aforementioned upgrades of Power Slash.

Almost all of these rocks have a clover growing underneath. The exceptions are the iron rock in Kamiki Village that Susano slices while practicing to break the boulder in the entrance to Kamiki; two iron rocks on Oni Island (in front of the entrance to the fortress) with nothing underneath; and an iron rock in Kamui (Ezofuji), over the Divine spring for the Power Slash 3 upgrade. Clovers under iron rocks yield 40 Praise each, while clovers under diamond rocks will give 50. Overall, blooming all of the clovers hidden underneath these special rocks is worth a total of 690 Praise.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Iron Rock Diamond Rock
Agata Forest On the bank of Narai river, just before the log bridge leading to Taka Pass. Just outside Madame Fawn's house, by the pond.
Taka Pass Right outside the upper exit to the tunnel leading to the Guardian Sapling. N/A
Ryoshima Coast
  • Inside the cave leading to the Guardian Sapling.
  • On the beach below the Moon Turret.
Next to the gate leading to the northern coast.
North Ryoshima Coast On a small island, right next to Catcall Tower.
  • To the left of the "To Wep'keer" sign, and the Guardian Sapling.
  • Just outside the entrance to Yoshpet.
Take the tunnel right ahead, across the chasm in the bear cave; this rock can be found right at the end.
Kamui (Ezofuji) On a ledge below the slope to Wawku Shrine, covering the Divine spring for Power Slash 3 Next to the aforementioned Iron Rock
Shinshu Field (100 years ago)
  • Near the center of the map.
  • Up the path leading to the arch before the Moon Cave.
  • At the arch mentioned above.
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