Inner Yoshpet (「ヨシペタイ奥地」?; Yoshipetai okuchi; lit. "internal grounds of Yoshipetai" or "heart of Yoshipetai"[1][2]) is the second of two obstacle courses that appears in Ōkami. Amaterasu is lead through the course by Issun this time. At the end of the course is the Spirit Gate, the entrance to Nippon's past.


Inner Yoshpet is similar to the first obstacle course, but has more poison water and Cursed Trees. Some of the thorn walls will also move in a circular pattern. The scenes are not very different, but there are demon scrolls that have been added as well.



After Amaterasu talks to the locals in Ponc'tan, Issun tells her that they should get going to the Spirit Gate only to be stopped by his old friend Miya. After telling her off and having Ammy go to the Inner Yoshpet, Issun tells her that he will lead the way. He evens states that the inner part was more confusing than the one Kai guided them through. After running through the three parts of the course, the finally arrive at the end to the Spirit Gate to find Lika.

Obtained itemsEdit


Stray BeadsEdit

  • #94: At the top of the hill after the snowballs, the first section.
  • #95: At the end of the dead end at the end of the second section.
  • #96: On the small platform in the middle of the Catwalk track on the right in the third section. The treasure chest is not visible until approached.


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