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An ink pot.

Ink pots (「墨ヒョウタン」?; sumi hyōtan; ink gourd[1][2]) are the source of ink for Amaterasu and Chibiterasu to use the powers of the Celestial Brush. They indicate how many times the Celestial Brush can be used. An ink pot is consumed whenever a brush technique is used. How many ink pots are consumed depends on the technique; a single pot (or half) is consumed whenever a basic brush technique is used, while multiple pots are consumed when a secret Celestial Brush technique is used (the amount varies). The Ink Bullet power also affects ink pots, consuming more if more bullets are used.

Amaterasu and Chibeterasu can have a maximum of ten ink pots. They start out with three at the beginning of their journeys, and can increase their numbers with praise. In Ōkami, ink pots refill over time. They can also be refilled by finding additional pots from baskets or fallen enemies. In Ōkamiden, ink pots do not refill over time (unless playing on Greenhorn mode), but they can be refilled with the above methods or by using Spirit Inks or Divine Sake. Additionally in both games, infinite ink can be gained temporarily by using an Inkfinity Stone or permanently with the String of Beads.

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