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Infinity Judge
Infinity Judge
Amaterasu equipped with the Infinity Judge.
Appearances Ōkami
Type Reflector
Use Lashing attacks (main)
Sub-Reflector Counterattack (sub)
Source Kusa Village Merchant
Moon Cave Imp Merchant
Found Kusa Village
Moon Cave
Cost to buy ¥50,000
Cost to sell N/A
Reflector marked indelibly with the loop of infinity. Judges evil.

—in-game description

The Infinity Judge (「沖津鏡」?; Okitsu kagami) is the third Divine Instrument of the Reflector class Amaterasu obtains in Ōkami. It can be used for a 3-5 hit lashing attack or can be used to execute the Sub-Reflector Counterattack, like all Reflectors. It is the third most powerful Reflector in the game, with Solar Flare being most powerful and the Trinity Mirror being second most powerful.


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Infinity Judgeingame

Infinity Judge equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

  • The Infinity Judge has the most interesting animation of all Reflectors: it constantly splits apart and reforms around a central circular piece.
  • Due to the general earliness this reflector can be obtained as well as Gold Dust being available from the same shop, the Infinity Judge is hard to outclass for a major portion of Ōkami. The next Reflector (Trinity Mirror) is obtained far later in the game, but is soon outclassed by the Solar Flare.
  • The Infinity Judge's elaborate animation and blue markings gives the sense that this weapon was created by the Moon Tribe (although if it did, the weapon should have had a silver theme with blue markings, not a deep blue theme).
  • Concept art of Reflectors shows that Infinity Judge was originally designed to be able to throw foes with the fragments to surround and grab the targets.

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