The Imperial Palace (「宝帝の屋敷」?; Takara no Mikado no Yashiki) is a dungeon in Ōkami. One of the most unique areas in the game, it features the travels of a miniaturized Amaterasu and a normal-sized Issun. The boss of this dungeon is Blight, a micro-sized demon who is responsible for the mist that is plaguing Sei'an City. After defeating Blight, the Emperor will be cured of his disease and will offer to exchange various treasures with Amaterasu for Demon Fangs.


The Imperial Palace is the residence of the Emperor, and has qualities that literally fit for a king. The palace has double gates, one leading from the Aristocratic Quarter to an inner yard with several trees and carvings of two tigers on the sides of the second gate. Beyond this gate is a courtyard with decorating trees and a garden on the right with a small pond lined by stones and several bamboo fountains. The main palace consists of two rooms: one is a meeting hall whose floor is covered in tatami mats, where the Emperor would meet his visiting subjects, and a side room that serves as his bedroom, which is also covered in tatami mats on the floor, and has a mattress within a mosquito net. The net is hung over a series of rafters above the mattress, but many are broken and covered in cobwebs. There is also a stand for a candle and some books beside the mattress, and at its foot is a dusty drawer. Outside, on the right of the main palace is a wooden walkway under a roof that leads to the imprisonment cell. The cell is quite small, roughly two by three meters in size.


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  • #59: Buried in a treasure chest past the palace's front gates. More visible at night, being one among the four white light columns in the garden.

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