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Ow, ow, ow! What's going on!? Ida of the Dangan Express never trips up! I've fallen and I can't get up! Must be a curse...


Ida is an express messenger who works for the Dangan Express at Shinshu Field. He also has a brother, Hayate, who is also an express messenger and can be found in Ryoshima Coast.


After reviving the Guardian Sapling of Shinshu Field, Amaterasu noticed a man lying across the river that flows through the plain, who turned out to be Ida. Initially a curse kept him pinned down motionless, but a Traveler's Charm freed him from it. From then on, he was often seen running through Shinshu Field to make his deliveries. On certain occasions, Amaterasu caught up and managed to talk to him, to which he challenged her to a race. After his third defeat, Amaterasu was given the Gimmick Gear, which was needed to obtain the secret Celestial Brush technique Thunderbolt.


Ida believes himself to be the fastest being in all of Nippon's Shinshu area. He is proud of his speed and refers to himself as Lightning Ida.[1] Even in defeat, Ida keeps his good spirits and friendly demeanor.[2]


  • Ida is based on Idaten (Japanese: 韋駄天; Sanskrit: Skanda), a deva (Jp: 天部, tenfu); that is, a god-like heavenly being of the Buddhist and Hindu cosmology.


  1. "What!? No way! Lightnin' Ida of the Dangan Express... Beaten in the greatest and most important match of my life?"—Ida (Ōkami)
  2. "Ha ha ha... You haven't just scored a point off me this time... That's gotta be worth a million points! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Well, a promise is a promise, pooch. My lucky charm's yours. It should always belong to the No. 1 sprinter in Shinshu."—Ida (Ōkami)
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