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The Ice Room (「氷室」?; Himuro) is a location in Ōkamiden. It is a frozen storage facility where Orochi keeps his supplies, including a stash of the Mystic Amber to prevent entrance into the Moon Cave. Many areas here require the use of Inferno, Manpuku's ability to walk through ice spikes, or Magnetism (attracting/repelling certain crates).



The Ice Room is accessible from the Moon Cave's entrance, just near the cave mouth. Getting to the Ice Room occurs through Chibiterasu and Manpuku overhearing two demons talking about how well Manpuku's mother can cook, and also explaining that she was kidnapped for that reason. One of the demons expresses obvious envy as she enters a small submarine, and Chibi and Manpuku slip in right before the vessel leaves the area. The submarine then arrives inside the Ice Room, and Chibi and Manpuku travel along various paths just out of sight of the demons as they explore the area to find the Mystic Amber necessary to break the barrier of the Moon Cave. Near the end, they find a dragon encased in ice from the neck down. As they explore the dead end and turn back, Mizuchi wakes up and though only his head and neck can move, he puts up a fierce battle. After Chibi and Manpuku defeat him, the Mystic Amber falls from the dragon and they take it and begin to leave. However, due to the commotion caused by the fight, ice begins breaking above them and Shiranui falls in front of them, completely frozen solid within a block of ice. Inferno frees her and Shiranui meets Chibi for the first time, knowing that Chibi is her future son. Ishaku then explains a few things about where they were headed. Shiranui and Ishaku begin to leave in order to go back to the Moon Cave but Shiranui falters, visibly weakened. Chibi and Manpuku offer to go in her place and Ishaku and Shiranui discuss it, then agree. Shiranui rests as Chibi and Manpuku leave, and after they are gone, Ishaku asks Shiranui if she knew that Chibi was her grandson, and she nods. Chibi and Manpuku then leave the Ice Room and reenter the submarine, arriving back at the Moon Cave's entrance.