The Ice Boulder (「氷嵐石」?; Hyōran seki) is a type of minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. A member of the Boulders category of demons, the Ice Boulder, as its name implies, is the ice variant of the category, alongside its neutral, fire and lightning counterparts.


The Ice Boulder is first encountered in a corridor of the first areas of the Ice Room, in a dormant state. The Ice Boulder, as its name implies, is a mass of ice that has been carved into a spherical shape (still with some rough edges). On that shape is an eye with a whitish-pale blue sclera, crimson iris and black pupil. Floating around the Ice Boulder when it has been awakened are ice crystals, moving in an orbit around the demon.


The Ice Boulder, like the Spark Boulder, is actually not demonic beast of savagery in any ways, but in fact a punishment for those who no longer value what the land has blessed them with. Without this gratitude, they will be tormented by the chill that the Ice Boulder possesses.[1]

Bestiary entryEdit

  1. "Humans who no longer appreciate the bounty of the land, will feel
    the cold rage that resides within these creatures.
    They can freeze a human to the core by brushing against them."


The Ice Boulder is normally dormant, until something comes within its vicinity, which then it will immediately attack by rolling towards them. Dispelling the Ice Boulder is simple: a single Power Slash, Inferno or Fireburst will decimate it outright, and is a good strategy for dealing with groups of these demons. Chibiterasu can also destroy it with Divine Instruments, but if there are more demons surrounding him, then he may be attacked during the recovery time after each attacks. He can also attempt to outrun an Ice Boulder, but this demon often spawn in masses, and it has a surprising rolling speed; also, Chibiterasu cannot jump over this demon. These odds stacked together makes escaping an Ice Boulder out of the question.
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