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Himiko, Queen of Nippon is a mission in Ōkami, taking place in Himiko's palace in Sei'an City. After freeing emperor Takara from Blight, Issun recalled queen Himiko had been doing nothing about the entire affair, nor the city's problems, and wanted to go give her a "piece of his mind".

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After acquiring the Fire Tablet from Kaguya in "Kaguya's Memories" you are free to enter the palace in the Aristocratic Quarter. However, with the removal of the cursed zone, there is a number of side missions available in the Commoner's Quarter. You can help Mr. Flower with restoring all of the trees in "Restore the cherry blossoms", or help Blossom and her father in "Cure Blossom's father". You can also ferry people around the canals in "Amaterasu's ferry service", help Mr. Chic with his fashion in "Sei-An Couture", and help out a guard in "Catch a Pickpocket" .

Other activities include helping Yama serve up the ultimate dish, accessing the Tao Troopers HQ through using Waterspout on an empty pond in the south-east area of the city, exploring an abandoned building using Cherry Bomb to acquire an extra Sun Fragment, fishing with Benkei, hunting monsters for Masu's Monster Manifest, racing Hayate in "Race Super-Fast Hayate", and visiting Onigiri-Sensei for more dōjō techniques.

Once done, head to the palace and use the new Veil of Mist brushstroke to get past the guards, then make your way inside and head up the elevator. Equip your new Fire Tablet and swim across the lava pool, then head all the way to the end of the corridor to start a cutscene. Listen to Himiko, and accept her request to receive the Border Key, with which you can continue to North Ryoshima Coast and continue the next mission "Emissary from the Deep"

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