The hidden strike glitch is a glitch exclusive to Ōkami. It was first discovered by an Ōkami wiki member, Tormented Sufferer}} on a PlayStation 2 copy of the game.


The hidden strike glitch involves Amaterasu using Golden Fury and the Thief's Glove simultaneously on a demon, with the Thief's Glove use slightly after Golden Fury (the time window for using the Thief's Glove varies on the type of demon fought). The demon will not take damage from the Thief's Glove strike, instead it will only take the minimal damage of Golden Fury. This is very useful in farming, as excessive use of the Thief's Glove will increase its damage output, up to a point of dealing fatal damage, thus harder to keep demons alive for further farming, so the Hidden Strike Glitch will keep the demon alive for said purpose.


Use Golden Fury on a demon. When the attack connects (signified by the glow on the targeted demon and yellow confetti), use the Thief's Glove in that exact moment (the span of time that the Thief's Glove can be used is a few frames). The Thief's Glove's damage (which is fatal to most demons) will be negated. The demon will obviously be still alive, thus susceptible for further farming.


  • The hidden strike glitch is possibly only available on the PlayStation 2 version of Ōkami.
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