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The Headless guardian is a type of demon encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the Guardians category of Fallen Demons.


The Headless guardian is first encountered on the dirt path leading to the Guardian Sapling at Ryoshima Coast. It is a headless stone-gray Buddha statue with patches of moss on it, and a red hood. It has a golden staff that can be used for offense and defense.


The Headless guardian is a headless Buddha statue possessed by the spirit of a rapscallion, and went on searching for heads at night. It goes door to door, knocking on them and demands for heads.[1]

Bestiary entryEdit

  1. "Headless guardian statue possessed by the spirit of a rapscallion.
    Searching for his head at night, he may knock on your very door,
    shouting, 'Give me back my head or I'll take yours instead!'"


As a Headless guardian emerges, Amaterasu needs to use Golden Fury, Brown Rage and the Thief's Glove on the demon (the hidden strike glitch is recommended, because the Headless guardian is very fragile). After these techniques are used, scribble on the demon with the Celestial Brush to temporarily blind it, forcing it to flail its arms in a blind attack. Execute a Sub-Reflector Counterattack on the demon to waste it, gaining a Demon Fang in the process before using Cherry Bomb as its Floral Finisher.
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