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My name's Haruka. My father was murdered by monsters. I set out on a journey to avenge his death, but I quickly discovered I was no match for such terrible creatures. I had no idea how I'd ever get my revenge.


Haruka is a character from Kusa Village who gives Amaterasu a Wanted List. She is found in the upper floor of the Kusa Village Inn. Upon the first visit Haruka is in the wash room and won't engage in conversation with Amaterasu and tells her to go away. If Amaterasu leaves Kusa Village Inn after knocking on the wash room door and returns, Haruka will be in the right hand side upstairs room, and after a conversation, she will give Amaterasu her Wanted List.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Haruka is a beautiful yet desperate young woman of her early 20's. Her hair is slick black, with the bangs trimmed short, under a kasa. For a hair ornament, she wears either a Morning Glory kanzashi or just a simple Morning Glory flower. Her necklace is a section of a bamboo tree, with a red cord inserted. She seems to wear the nagajuban with possibly a juban inside. Her sash is a plain white datejime. She seems to also wear a knee-high tabi and a pair of plain zōri.

Haruka is depicted as lady with a great sense of justice, and she also wanted to follow the warrior's path. Yet, she found herself no match for her target, a group of Dead Fish, and asked Amaterasu for her help. After Amaterasu cleared out the flying demons for her father, Haruka sensed that maybe she could hone her skills through another long travel, and Issun did not really know if he should agree or not.

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