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Hana Valley
Hana Valley
Type Secondary area
Dungeon (Ōkamiden)
Notable inhabitants Sleepy
Enemies Green Imp
Red Imp
Yellow Imp
Bone Clam
Red Toad
Master Anura
Items Bloom
Stray bead ×1
Appearances Ōkami
Background music Ōkami:
Cursed Hanasaki Valley
Blocking Bud Restoration
Hanasaki Valley's Restoration
Hanasaki Valley
Hanasaki Valley
Connecting locations

Shinshu Field

Hana Valley (「花咲谷」?; Hanasaki-dani; flower-bloom valley) is a sacred area in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. A small area connected to Shinshu Field, it is the location of the first Guardian Sapling that can be revived in both games.


Hana sapStages

Hana Valley's Guardian Sapling before and after its revival.

Hana Valley is a small valley of trees to the east of Shinshu Field, and it is where a Guardian Sapling is located. The area is the source of the river which leads to Lake Harami in Shinshu Field. The entire area is full of flora and fauna. There are several waterfalls in the valley, which creates a stream that leads to the aforementioned lake. A trail that leads up a slope goes to a shrine containing the Guardian Sapling and an altar to worship the sun with a view of a large waterfall. For unknown reasons, the cursed zone over Hana Valley was not as strong as the cursed zone covering part of Shinshu Field. However, most of the animals aside from Sleepy vanished when the area was cursed.


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Obtained items

Celestial Brush techniques

Stray Beads

  • #11: On the other end of the tunnel near the imp's camp, under a tree on the left.