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Guidance is one of the Celestial Brush techniques introduced in Ōkamiden. It is given to Chibiterasu by the children of Michigami. This power allows Chibiterasu to guide his partners along a predetermined pathway, and is frequently required throughout the game. To use it, the partner must first be dismounted Chibiterasu. The brushstroke is a source/target pathway, creating a plume of red Holy smoke as it starts from the the partner and turning the ink red as the pathway is drawn outward. Another red smoke plume may appear from the target if it is a specific actionable object, such as a pressure button or a treasure chest.

When the brush screen is released, the main screen preserves a glowing golden image of the red-ink pathway. The partner follows the golden glow to its endpoint if properly drawn; if the pathway leads over a surface which they cannot normally cross, the partner will simply stop moving forward. When the partner reaches that endpoint, they will automatically act on the specific target object, if there is one: triggering a button, or opening a treasure chest and acquiring the contents. If the latter, the contents will visibly float above the partner's head but remain unidentified until they remount Chibiterasu, which then adds the item to his inventory.

Kurow can follow pathways across some open gaps, but not all. For example, he can be guided into a quick shortcut across the lake in Agata Forest, but not onto the islands off Ryoshima Coast. If his pathway ends in mid-air, he remains suspended at the target location for a few seconds before drifting downward, allowing enough time for a quick second brushstroke to finish guiding him over a deep chasm before he plummets to his death.

Since Ōkamiden has limited manual control for the camera angle, usage of Guidance relies more on automatic camera angles to be usable. This is why whenever Chibiterasu is prompted to guide a partner across an environment on a horizontal plane, the camera always shows an overhead view. Likewise, the camera is arranged horizontally when the partner is guided along a vertical plane.

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