The Green Wildfire (「狐火」?; Kitsunebi; lit. "foxfire"[1][2]) is a type of minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It belongs to the Wildfires category of demons, alongside its crimson and blue brethrens.


The Green Wildfire is first encountered at the Underground Ruins, at the corridor outside of the room with the turbine engines on the fourth floor, connected to the third floor by a staircase within a massive lightning barrier originally impregnable. The Green Wildfire is depicted as a ghostly green sphere of burning fire, with a pitch-black grinning mouth with two green fangs on the upper lips and a typical ivory oni horn on the forehead that has a tint of green to it.


The Green Wildfire was originally what that was spat out by a fox demon, and developed sentience and intangibility against matters[3].

Bestiary entryEdit


"Originally spit out by a fox demon, this ghostly flame developed a will of
its own. This incessant demon flame can pass through objects."


The Green Wildfire is normally idle and will wander around in a slow pace, but if Chibiterasu enters its vicinity, it will emit the sound of a roaring fire, and rush towards him with surprising speed. Dispel it with Divine Instruments (most recommended the Rosary and Providence Crystal for their range) or Celestial Brush techniques, specifically Power Slash, Galestorm and Waterspout, though to increase efficiency in repelling the Green Wildfire, the secret Celestial Brush techniques are recommended. While Whirlwind will dispel any of these demons should they come close to Chibiterasu, Splash will extinguish any demons within the camera range, as long as the downpour lasts. Should his attacks' range are good enough, Chibiterasu can also kill the demons without them noticing him. Another solution for the Green Wildfire is to simply outrun it, though a chasing demon has a surprising speed, and most of the time, multiple Wildfires are encountered, possibly injuring Chibiterasu. If a Green Wildfire is killed, like all other minor demons, it will release either Ink Pots or Rice Balls.


  • The Green Wildfire, alongside other demons of the Wildfire category of minor demons, are based on the kitsunebi of Japanese folklore.
    • However, the Green Wildfire is the only one to be explicitly referred to as a foxfire, 「狐火」 (「きつねび」?; kitsunebi; lit. "foxfire"[1][2]</i>) or having it originating from a kitsune. All the other demons in the Wildfire category are simply referred to as "鬼火" (「おにび」?; onibi; lit. "demon fire"[4][2]<i>)
  • In the first game, foxfire was originally phenomena commanded by Tube Foxes and Ninetails, with a purple hue.


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