Greater Goblins (「大天狗系」?; Ōtengu-kei) are large, winged demons that remain permanently airborne. They have melee weapons and a variety of ranged elemental attacks, as well as a "chaos mode" that makes them invulnerable and even more deadly until quelled by the proper Celestial Brush techniques. There are two different types of Greater Goblins: the Blue Cyclops and the Great Tengu.


Great TenguEdit

Great tengu

Great Tengu are large flying demons. They are similar to Blue Cyclops in that they fly and have a Chaos mode. When a Great Tengu enters "chaos mode" it wields its nose as a weapon and the face of its normal form as a shield. They are first encountered in Wawku Shrine and their Floral Finisher is Blizzard. The Great Tengu in the Kamui Devil gate trial cave can spontaneously enter chaos mode without being hit with Inferno.

Blue CyclopsEdit

Blue Cyclops are similar to Great Tengu in that they also have a Chaos mode. When a Blue Cyclops enters Chaos mode, it wields its pipe as a weapon and its mask is utilized as an impenetrable shield. They are first encountered at Watcher's Cape and their Floral Finisher is Waterspout.

Chaos modeEdit

Chaos Mode is a form unique to the Greater Goblins. Chaos mode is triggered either by Inferno, for Great Tengu, or by Galestorm, for Blue Cyclops. When a Greater Goblin enters chaos mode it's wings move to its back, it grows arms, it's face becomes a shield and it grows a new head. Blue Cyclops use their pipe as a weapon while Great Tengu remove the nose from their normal form and attack with them. In this form their power increases, they become more aggressive and they are invulnerable to attack unless "cooled down", this returns them to their normal form. Great Tengu return to normal when hit with Waterspout or blizzard, while Blue Cyclops do so only when their pipe has been re-lit with Inferno.
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