The Goryeo (「高麗丸」?; Kōrai-maru) is the past form of the Sunken Ship, explored in Ōkamiden just immediate to its destruction due to the rampaging Water Dragon.


A large vessel that had traveled many seas[citation needed], the Goryeo has a very complicated structure with various chambers for different uses; a large cargo bay, able to hold a massive load; a safely-locked treasury that holds many treasures of great worth; a chamber with a large cannon and many kinds of explosive for offense (may primarily be for fending off pirate ships intending to steal the cargo); etc. The Goryeo also has a very experienced crew, consisting of fishermen with years of working out at the sea and a captain with great knowledge, and an invaluable ally: Queen Otohime, who is summoned via use of the Conch Shell.

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  • Since when Chibiterasu returns from the Sage Shrine, he brings the Lucky Mallet with him onto the Goryeo. When the Water Dragon attacks and Kurow and Chibiterasu try to fly away, the Lucky Mallet makes Chibiterasu too heavy to carry, forcing them to leave it behind. It then sinks along with the ship, and found by Amaterasu later.
  • In the Goryeo, the room with the broken fish tank with the shark and two hermit crabs is the exact room that Amaterasu encounters Jiro, Saburo and Ichiro later.
  • Inside the Goryeo, a map depicting Japan and Korea can be seen, thus denoting a possible commercial trade between the two countries. Moreover, the ship's name itself is the name of an old Korean kingdom which in Japanese is called Kōrai (「高麗」?). The kanji 丸 following the ship's Japanese-version name is used among other things as a suffix for ship's names.
    • It an be noted that Korea had an important role on the Japanese cultural development, thus stimulating the introduction of Buddhism, Confucianism, and other aspects of the culture of China, which was the most influential country in East Asia at the time.
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