The Gold Dust is a rare item that enhances Divine Instruments. When this powder is sprinkled upon a weapon, its strength is increased dramatically. It only appears in Ōkami.


There are fifteen bags of Gold Dust available for powering up Divine Instruments on a typical playthrough, allowing all of them to be powered up, but only once. They can be bought from certain merchants, obtained as a reward for completing a Wanted List, or even found in Treasure chests.

When a New Game+ is started, an enhanced Divine Instrument will carry over its power from the old game. Fifth-tier instruments will also be enhanced when they are obtained again, but only if they were in a previous game. Merchants will not sell the Gold Dust in New Game+ if they were already purchased, but it is still possible to get them from Wanted List quests. If all Divine Instruments are powered up, Gold Dust becomes useless, but they cannot be sold.


Upon selecting Gold Dust in the Fan Menu, the Equipment page will open. A Divine Instrument can be selected to be powered up. A faded out instrument indicates that it is already strengthened and cannot be enhanced again to further increase its power. Once sprinkled with Gold Dust, a Divine Instrument's icon in the Equipment screen will have a pulsing golden aura behind it.

Divine Instruments' statisticsEdit

The tables below show Divine Instruments' initial attack power, followed by their final attack power when Gold Dust is used on them.


The formula for calculating Reflector's damage potential:

$ dmg\times5 $
Image Name Initial attack power Final attack power
Divine retribution Divine Retribution 1.0 1.3
SnarlingBeast Snarling Beast 1.5 2.0
Infinity Judge Infinity Judge 2.3 3.2
Trinity Mirror Trinity Mirror 5.2 7.3
Solar Flare Solar Flare 11.0 15.4


Since each hit of a Rosary's combo consists of many rapid strike, and the amount of strike varies from hit to hit, the table below will only use the approximate amount of strikes of 5 strikes per hit.

The formula for calculating a Rosary's damage potential:

$ (dmg\times5)\times8 $
Image Name Initial attack power Final attack power
Devout Beads Devout Beads 1.0 1.3
Life Beads Life Beads 1.5 1.9
Exorcism Beads Exorcism Beads 2.1 2.8
Resurrection Beads Resurrection Beads 3.4 4.8
Tundra beads Tundra Beads 5.0 7.0


When fully charged, Glaives will have their damage statistics multiplied by 5. Since each individual hit of a Glaive can be charged, the damage data of Glaives are exceptionally complex. Below is a formula to determine the damage potential for any given combo of any number of charged or non-charged hits:

$ (damage\times5)\times hits +(damage\times(combo-hits)) $
where hits is the number of fully charged hits in a combo.
Image Name Initial attack power Final attack power
Tsumugari Tsumugari 1.0 1.3
Seven Strike Seven Strike 2.2 2.9
Blade of Kusanagi Blade of Kusanagi 3.5 4.6
Eighth Wonder Eighth Wonder 5.3 6.9
Thunder Edge Thunder Edge 8.0 10.0
  • Note: An enhanced Divine Instrument obtained earlier in the game will never exceed the power of a higher-tiered weapon of the same class that is not enhanced. Therefore, whenever a new weapon is found, it is best to replace the older equivalent to remain at maximum strength.


  • If Gold Dust was to be used twice on a single weapon, the weapon's power would become too great and it would break, which explains why it is not possible to do so in-game.
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