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Gender Male
Race Celestial Brush god
Location Oni Island (Ōkami)
Thundercloud (Ōkamiden; child)
Family Ko-Gekigami (son)
Appearances Ōkami
Ah... Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all... The evil forces which dwell here had sealed me away... But your arrival awakened me and restored the light within. You who walk the same battlefield as I, Gekigami, god of thunder, deserve the power of lightning. Use it to crush our foes!


Gekigami (「撃神」?; God of Onslaught[1][2]) is the Celestial Brush god of Thunderstorm (「迅雷」?; jin-rai; thunderclap). He is found on Oni Island and is the tiger in the East Asia zodiac.


Main article: Thunderstorm

By drawing a line from an electrical source to an object, Amaterasu can electrocute that object. At first she requires a source to use Thunderstorm. The brush emits yellow Holy smoke when placed over an electrical source. Later on, a source is no longer needed once she acquires the Thunder Edge Glaive to generate electricity whenever she wants, or Thunderbolt, a more powerful secret Celestial Brush technique upgrade, but is rather hard to pull off. When it is used, the kanji「迅」(jin, swift) appears.


In Ōkamiden, Gekigami has a child. The child is a young tiger cub holding an arrow without a point in its mouth.



  • "Geki" means "attack" or "assault"[1]. It likely comes from the phrase "raigeki" (「雷撃」?; to be struck by lightning), and the fierce nature of Gekigami's own element, lightning.
  • Gekigami is one of the Celestial Brush Gods to attempt to attack Amaterasu, the others being Itegami and Yumigami.
  • Gekigami's stripes are shaped like lightning bolts,


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