The Gargoyle is a minor demon encountered in the overworld in Ōkamiden. A variation of the Gargoyle race of demons, it has a stronger version, the Flame Gargoyle.


The Gargoyle is first encountered in a cave on the path to Hitoshio Spring upon revisiting Agata Forest with Kurow. A Gargoyle wanders around when idle, but upon spotting a target, it will spin in place, then charge towards the victim with surprising speed. It is a purplish stone gargoyle head with the face of an oni on a foundation, having one long horn on the forehead, and a mouth lined with vicious teeth and fangs. On the foundation at each side of the demon's face are two rivets bolted on.


The Gargoyle was originally the guardian of buildings from malicious demons and spirits, but its powers has its limits, and one particularly powerful malevolent being overpowered the gargoyle's demon-repelling abilities, and ironically turned it into a demon itself. It then turned against the people it had once so diligently protected, and enjoys ripping their flesh from their bones.[1]

Bestiary entryEdit

  1. "Originally built to protect buildings from harmful spirits, it was overwhelmed by a particularly nasty demon,
    and now had joined their ranks.It enjoys its fangs to tear human flesh from bones."


The Gargoyle is very straightforward: dispel its elemental barrier (if it has any), and kill it with one hit from an offensive Celestial Brush technique (secret Celestial Brush techniques are more recommended) or a Divine Instrument. It is recommended that Chibiterasu kill the demon when it is not aware of his presence. If a Gargoyle is wreathed in fire, disperse the flames with Galestorm or Waterspout. In case of ice being the demon's element, use Inferno; with lightning, use Galestorm or its upgrade. Note that after a certain amount of time left idle, the Gargoyle will change its element. Using the appropriate element of the Providence Crystal can achieve the same thing. When the elemental barrier of the Gargoyle is dispelled, deal the killing blow to the demon with a Divine Instrument or an offensive Celestial Brush technique.


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