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Galestorm is a Celestial Brush technique given to Amaterasu and Chibiterasu by Kazegami, the god of wind, in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden. To use Galestorm, draw either a spiral or a loop. The spiral, which must be drawn from the outside, sends a forward gust of wind. The loop, on the other hand, creates a gust that blows in the direction it is drawn. In both of these brushstrokes, the size of the drawing affects the strength and duration of the wind.


Galestorm is a useful technique, and can be used on a variety of things. It has ability to temporarily extinguish fires, when there is no source of water, and to make small windmills spin. It can blow away piles of leaves, and steer lily pads. In combat, Galestorm can help bring down airborne foes, and is used as the Floral Finisher of several demons. It also helps in redirecting fire or poison attacks from enemies away from Amaterasu. It can also stop wind attacks. Galestorm also has a more defensive technique, known as Whirlwind. This technique causes a whirlwind to appear around Amaterasu and Chibiterasu, after drawing three horizontal lines, which either brings in and traps enemies or repels them. The length of the lines affects Whirlwind, with short lines making small, but prolonged whirlwinds, whereas long lines making big, but brief whirlwinds.

Galestorm can be used on many characters, especially those that participate in digging minigames. The digging partner will be blown over obstacles (mainly spiked blocks or gaps). The length of the flight (the amount of blocks that the partner is blown over) is determined by how many times Galestorm is used. Shiranui uses an enhanced version of Galestorm, which behaves more similarly to Whirlwind, only that it affects the whole area.

Scroll entries[]


"One of the 13 Celestial Brush powers. Mastered by Kazegami.
Draw a wind symbol to summon a gale of divine wind.
This purifying gust is known as Galestorm."
*Galestorm Tips*
"The size of the symbol drawn affects the strength of the wind.
The larger you draw the symbol, the more powerful the gust.
There are 2 variations of the wind symbol. See the drawings above.
On the left, we have lateral wind. On the right is a forward gust.
Use these differing symbols based upon the situation you are dealt.
If either of them proves difficult, try changing the camera angle.
No matter the size of the symbol drawn, the ink is unchanged.
You may become flustered in battle, but stay calm and draw slowly."


"The Child of Kazegami gave you the brush skill of Galestorm.
Draw a loop or a spiral to summon a powerful wind."
*Galestorm Tips*
"Galestorm has two forms: Draw a spiral to send the wind straight ahead.
Draw a loop left to right or right to left to send the wind that way."


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