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Flow Dragon
Flow dragon
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Underground Ruins
Attack method Fire projectile
Weapon(s) Cursed fire
Effective weapon(s) Power Slash (deflection of projectiles)
Floral Finisher N/A
The Flow Dragon (「飛竜頭」?; Hiryūzu; "Flying Dragon Head") is a type of minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It has a weaker, immobile variation, the Stone Dragon.


The Flow Dragon is first encountered in the Underground Ruins, and also being its only encountered location. The Flow Dragon, like its weaker counterpart, is the stone sculpture of a dragon, but it has a golden color, with a crimson gem embedded on its forehead. Normally, the dragon remains dormant, but when anything comes into its vicinity, it will awaken, signaled by the gem glowing a slight blue and emitting a sound. As a sculpture, the Flow Dragon rests on a stone pedestal, but it can depart from the base at its will and is capable of flight, something the Stone Dragon is incapable of.


Originally, the Flow Dragon was an ordinary sculpture, but it had sapience and desired for freedom. Eventually, its long-held wish became reality, and the dragon is content with being able to reach anywhere at will. However, this contentment turned into malevolence, and now it only attack humans[1].

Bestiary EntryEdit

  1. "A stone sculpture whose long-held desire for freedom became reality.
    At first content to be able to fly wherever it desired,
    those feelings soon transformed into a desire to attack people."


The Flow Dragon is very easy to fend off. If Chibiterasu comes into its vicinity, it will awaken and depart from its pedestal to fly around while firing spheres of cursed fire. Use Power Slash to deflect these spheres, and the Flow Dragon is killed by two returned projectiles.
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