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Floral Finisher
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Appearances Ōkami
User(s) Amaterasu
Power(s) Produces Demon Fangs or remains from fallen demons.
A Floral Finisher is a special attack used immediately after killing a demon, when its body turns grey and falls through the air as time warps and slows. If a specific Celestial Brush technique is used as a finishing attack on the demon in mid-air, it drops Demon Fangs or other remnants before the body disintegrates into a large patch of flowers on the ground.


Applying the right Finisher to each enemy is an excellent way to farm, and the first method available before Amaterasu acquires a secondary weapon (allowing her to use the Sub-Reflector Counterattack) or the Golden Fury/Brown Rage Dojo Techniques.

Floral Finishers do not work if Amaterasu has already struck the enemy with something else during its dying state (a different brushstroke, a Divine Instrument, or the Thief's Glove), or if she has just killed the enemy in certain ways. Cherry Bomb disintegrates the enemy's body upon death, eliminating the chance to use Floral Finisher. If an enemy's Floral Finisher is normally Power Slash, actually killing it with Power Slash will prevent the finisher from working properly-instead, deliver the final blow with a different attack and slash the body in mid-air afterward.

Most bosses and sub bosses do not have Floral Finishers, except for the individual Tube Foxes.


Demon type Floral Finisher Demon Fangs earned
Green Imp Power Slash 1
Red Imp Power Slash 1
Yellow Imp Power Slash 1
Blue Imp Galestorm 1
Black Imp Power Slash 3
Headless Guardian Cherry Bomb 2
Bell Guardian Power Slash 2
Halo Guardian Cherry Bomb 2
Executioner Guardian Cherry Bomb 2
Namahage Galestorm 1
Blade Namahage Galestorm 2
Bucket Namahage Cherry Bomb 3
Umbrella Namahage Galestorm 2
Cannon Namahage Galestorm 3
Clay Soldier Veil of Mist 1
Clay Samurai Veil of Mist 2
Clay Drummer Veil of Mist 2
Clay Flyer Power Slash 2
Clay Shogun Veil of Mist 3
Bud Ogre Bloom 1
Chimera Power Slash 2
Igloo Turtle Inferno 2
Dead Fish Power Slash 1
Crow Tengu Galestorm 1
Ubume Veil of Mist 2
Fire Eye Galestorm 2
Ice Mouth Inferno 2
Thunder Ear Power Slash 1
Earth Nose Veil of Mist 3
Fire Doom Mirror Galestorm 2
Ice Doom Mirror Inferno 2
Thunder Doom Mirror Power Slash 2
Wind Doom Mirror Veil of Mist 3
Poltergeist Galestorm 5
Ichiro Thunderstorm 2
Jiro Thunderstorm 5
Saburo Thunderstorm 2
Blue Cyclops Deluge 5
Great Tengu Blizzard 5
Red Ogre Thunderstorm 5
Blue Ogre Thunderstorm 5
Bull Charger Inferno 5
Dogu Power Slash 4
Tube Fox Power Slash 2


The Floral Finisher concept reappears in Ōkamiden, although modified. Instead of dropping Demon Fangs which can be directly used to buy items, the correct finishing technique now drops different demon remnants such as bones or skin. The right combinations of remnants can be taken to a blacksmith to produce or enhance items.