Fleetfoot is a Dojo Technique in Ōkami and Ōkamiden that allows its user to dodge incoming attacks.


Fleetfoot allows the user to dodge incoming attacks with ease, avoiding most projectiles and physical attacks. However, the user cannot dodge attacks which cover the battlefield, such as shockwaves. The user is also not invulnerable while dodging. To use Fleetfoot, the user must press a button (R1 in Ōkami , B in Ōkamiden) while indicating the direction they wish to move with the analogue stick or D-Pad. In the Wii version of Ōkami, the user must swing the Wii Remote in the direction they wish to dodge to use Fleetfoot.


  • Fleetfoot is the only Dojo Technique carried over from Ōkami to Ōkamiden, as Dojos are not available in Ōkamiden.