The Flame Jelly (「くらげ火」?; Kuragebi; lit. "fiery jellyfish"[1][2]) is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden.


The Flame Jelly is first encountered in the waterway that leads to the Sage Shrine. It floats about in the water until Chibiterasu approaches too closely, upon which it will move toward him in an attempt to stun him with its tentacles. Despite its name, it does not use Fire as its element, but rather Lightning. It is a bright pink jellyfish with a yellowish fringe around its body and tentacles that fade from a pastel purple to red.


Similarly to Asteroidean, the Flame Jelly is formed from the spirit of one lost at sea. It drains the souls of swimmers from their legs[3].

Bestiary entryEdit

     3.  >

"Those who lose their lives at sea find their spirits take the form of a fiery
jellyfish. They like to suck the souls from the legs of swimmers."


The Flame Jelly typically blocks attacks from Divine Instruments due to its field of electricity. Offensive Celestial Brush techniques like Power Slash, however, can quickly cut through its defenses and kill it in one blow.


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