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Five-Story Pagoda (「五重塔」?; Gojū-no-tō) is a dungeon in Ōkamiden, located in Agata Forest. It is a maze-like waterlogged tower that Chibiterasu and Nanami must navigate through in order to find and defeat Bullhead. The Waterspout and Vine Celestial Brush techniques are found here, along with Chibiterasu's first Glaive, Tsumugari. Once Bullhead has been defeated, the area is no longer accessible.


It is a dilapidated multi-floored pagoda filled with pools of water and spikes in many places, along with gaping pits and Kanon statues in other areas. Many demons are littered throughout the place and in particular, the White Toads are plentiful here, even swimming through the extensive pools of water. At the bottom of the Pagoda, there is an arena of several small islands and some floating logs.



Prior to Chibiterasu's entrance to the Five-Stoy Pagoda, Bullhead had eaten Kuni and also stole Nanami's Wet and Dry Jewels in an attempt to become a dragon through the legend of a carp rising a waterfall and becoming such deific creatures. Bullhead, when reached and battled, eventually spits out the Wet and Dry Jewels that Nanami had been searching to get back. After this, Nanami simply uses the Dry Jewel to dry up all the water in the area and this leaves the giant catfish helpless. Soon after, Kuni forces his way out of its jaws, and Kuni and Chibiterasu finish him off. However, in a dying fit of rage, he knocks out a control panel that he was using to flood the Pagoda and Agata Forest, and it sends all three of them rushing out, locked in the current. Kuni is washed away to an unknown location and Nanami rescues Chibiterasu, bringing him to Ryoshima Coast.

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