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Fire Tablet
Fire Tablet
Appearances Ōkami
Type Holy Artifact
Use Complete protection from fire
Source Kaguya
Found Sasa Sanctuary
The Fire Tablet (「火避けの石簡」?; Hiyoke no sekkan) is a Holy Artifact in Ōkami. It is given to Amaterasu by Kaguya.


An object that was seemingly constructed by the Moon Tribe, the Fire Tablet gives its user complete protection from fire. Specifically, with this item equipped, Amaterasu can swim through lava, and she will not take the elemental damage of fire attacks (e.g Orochi and True Orochi's Fire head attacks, Crimson Helm's fire shockwaves, etc.).


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  • The Fire Tablet seems to be constructed by the Moon Tribe, given the arcane markings on it and Kaguya having it with her before departing for the Moon.