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Fire Doom Mirror
Fire mirror
Appearances Ōkami
First encountered Imperial Palace
Attack method Fire rush
Fire spin
Fire aerial drop
Fire projection
Weapon(s) Fire
Floral Finisher Galestorm
The Fire Doom Mirror (「烈火雲外鏡」?; Rekka Ungaikyō) is a type of demon encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the Doom Mirrors category of demons.


The Fire Doom Mirror is first encountered at the miniature version of the Imperial Palace, outside of the Emperor's bed in his bedroom, alongside an Ice Doom Mirror. Other than the Imperial Palace, the Fire Doom Mirror is not encountered anywhere else, and thus is a missable enemy in the bestiary. The Fire Doom Mirror is a seemingly ordinary palm-sized, round hand mirror with edges of a swirling decoration, representing flame. What is unique about this mirror, however, is that its surface doesn't reflect images, but instead shows the face of a man in extreme rage. The fire and the man may hold some symbolism to it.


The Fire Doom Mirror was once a man who was possessed by extreme fury in one occasion. The fury was so intense, he was unable to forget his own rage even after death, and his soul was absorbed into his mirror. Now, whenever someone gazes at the mirror, that person's anger will be stirred, resulting in a rage, but for no reasons[1].

Bestiary entry

  1. "A man possessed by extreme fury was unable to forget his rage even after death,
    resulting in his soul being absorbed into his favorite mirror.
    Anger is stirred by gazing at the mirror even with no logical pretense.
    This is the method of the fury filled mirror.
    Blowing on the mirror may snuff the flames of intense rage."


The Fire Doom Mirror, upon emerging, is wreathed in fire as an impenetrable defense. This defense repels any kind of damage but those that can extinguish fire, thus Galestorm (Whirlwind), Waterspout (Deluge) or Blizzard (Icestorm) is required in rendering the demon vulnerable, the latter being more effective. After the procedure, use Golden Fury and/or Brown Rage to start farming it, then wait for it to attack to use a Sub-Reflector Counterattack to greatly damage it (albeit the demon surviving the onslaught, stunned). Then, if Amaterasu has obtained the Thief's Glove, deliver one final strike with the Holy Artifact to kill it, obtaining an item or treasure in the process, then use Galestorm as its Floral Finisher.


  • The Fire Doom Mirror's background of a man under extreme rage and its control over fire may be based on the representation of fire symbolizing anger.
  • The Fire Doom Mirror is an example of a tsukumogami, an object that has been left untouched for a century, which then gains sapience of its own.
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