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Farming is a technique that involves Amaterasu and Chibiterasu performing several techniques on an enemy to obtain the maximum amount of items the enemy yields. Farming is very useful, as it can dramatically increase their resources (Yen, treasures and Demon Fangs), thus being the fastest ways to obtain selling goods (e.g a Divine Instrument sold by a merchant, a weapon upgrade, etc.).


Farming is performed with several techniques and methods:

Chibiterasu can only perform Floral Finisher and use the Lucky Cat Paw, as he is not as skillful as Amaterasu to use the other techniques.



For Amaterasu, in order to farm properly, she needs to use Brown Rage, Golden Fury and the Thief's Glove on a demon (hidden strike glitch recommended for those with low endurance against damage). Then, she needs to execute a Sub-Reflector Counterattack on the targeted demon, earning a Demon Fang in the process, then successfully using the corresponding Floral Finisher of the demon she was farming to obtain the maximum amount of Demon Fangs that the targeted demon can provide.

  • Note: Certain enemy types (e.g The Dead Fish, demons of the Chimera category, etc.) cannot be killed by execution of Sub-Reflector Counterattacks, so they must be killed by conventional means. With Fallen Demons, Amaterasu must use her Celestial Brush to scribble over the targeted demon, prompting it to attack blindly instead of waiting for it to attack naturally, thus saving time.


There is not many farming techniques Chibiterasu can execute. He can only defeat demons, then use their corresponding Purifications to obtain Demon Parts.