Purifying Rosary that contains the power of holy light.

In-game description
The Exorcism Beads (「道返玉」?; Chigaeshi no Tama) is a Divine Instrument Amaterasu obtains in Ōkami. The third tier of the Rosary class of Divine Instruments, it is the third most powerful variation of the class, weaker than the Resurrection Beads and the Tundra Beads.


Exorcism Beadsingame

Exorcism Beads equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

The Exorcism Beads takes the appearance of a necklace formed by twelve jade magatama beads, forming into six pairs circling around Amaterasu's neck, each pair in the shape of taijitu. One magatama of each pair has a dark jade lining on its edge and brighter jade in the center, while the other bead has the color scheme's arrangement inverted. Unlike most depiction of the taijitu or yin-yang motifs, however, the hole in the center of each magatama of a pair do not bear opposite colors to the beads, but instead a simple hole pierced through the magatama.


After the defeat of Blight, the Exorcism Beads is obtained.



The Exorcism Beads has the basic Rosary whipping attacks. Originally, this attack consists of four swipes, but later on, Amaterasu can extend the attack into a six-hit then eight-hit combo by learning the dojo techniques Spirit Storm and Spirit Armageddon, respectively. Each hit of a combo, when is connected to a target, delivers many hits. Each individual hit's damage output is minimal, but due to the rapid attacking rate of the Rosary, the damage stacks up very quickly, killing most opponents in a matter of seconds. The rapid hits can easily raise Amaterasu's godhood levels, as they combo quickly and easily. Also, the Exorcism Beads has the very long range common among Rosaries, but longer range than the Devout Beads and the Life Beads' range. Additionally, with Bead String learnt, Amaterasu will gain a damage boost when both Main and Sub Divine Instruments are Rosaries.


When equipped in the Sub Divine Instrument slot, the Exorcism Beads grants Amaterasu the ability to fire its beads in a rapid-fire fashion, similar to a submachine gun. The rapid fire is useful in nailing on opponents from afar, and can deal high damage due to the high refire rate. However, when all the beads have been shot, it will take a second for them to respawn to be shot again. On the ground, the Exorcism Beads as a Sub-Rosary is superior to the Life Beads in the same position, due to its high firing rate. However, when airborne, the Exorcism Beads, like the Devout Beads and the Tundra Beads, are less effective than the Life Beads and the Resurrection Beads, due to a decreased refire rate (at a maximum of three shots).


  • The Exorcism Bead has a yin-yang motif, similar to the Mystic Beads, but the latter has a more discriminating color between two adjacent beads.
  • When equipped as a Sub Divine Instrument, the amount of beads can be seen on Amaterasu's sides; this is useful in telling how much beads are there left to launch.

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